Fashion Faux Pas

There are certain things that should be avoided at all cost in any wardrobe. Zoora is here to fix these all-too-common problems. Before you shop our site, see how many of these wardrobe sins you’ve committed. Don’t worry – we won’t tell.
Dress that’s too long
As you walk into a formal affair, you scan the crowd and feel pretty good about your outfit choice. The color of your floor-length dress is perfect, and you’ve accessorized it beautifully. As you make your way over to the bar, you get distracted and aren’t paying attention to every step. Before you know it, you’ve tripped over your dress and fallen on your face.

This is just one of the many issues of a too-long dress. Other problems include trailing dirt around everywhere you go and looking several inches shorter because your dress is swallowing you. To make sure you avoid this classic fashion don’t, your dress should be ½”-1” off your back heel.

Dress that’s not long enough
Nothing can take a dress from classy to trashy quite like a too-short hemline. There are a couple of ways to avoid this dressing pitfall other than wearing spandex shorts underneath your dress “just in case.” An exposed pair of spandex shorts is just barely less trashy than an exposed butt cheek.

When you try on a dress, bend over in it a couple of times and make sure you can move around comfortably without it riding up. If you’re tall, use Zoora to find dresses that will fit your frame. And no matter what the length of your dress, be careful how you move around in it. People might forget how you did your hair or the color of your dress, but they won’t forget if you accidentally show the entire party more than you meant to.

Dress that’s too small
So maybe you gained a few pounds between last year and now, but haven’t updated your wardrobe. Maybe you’re still trying to squeeze into a dress that fit you perfectly in college, ignoring the places where it fits differently. Maybe you just won’t buy a dress in a size larger than you’re used to, even though all brands fit differently.

Either way, you end up in a dress that pulls at your least flattering areas and squeezes your skin out of it, giving you that oh-so-attractive overstuffed sausage look. A poorly fitting garment is never, ever okay, but especially not when you’re trying to look your best. It is ALWAYS better to go up a size or two than to squeeze into “your” size.

Use Zoora to input your measurements before ordering a dress, so you don’t have to worry about whether you ordered the right size for a particular brand. We’ll take care of that for you.

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About zoorallc

Zoora makes finding your perfect wardrobe easy by providing access to the hottest emerging designers offering personalized clothing. Pick a little black dress and lengthen the hemline to flatter your shape. Find a great business trench and add a hood for the rain. Each designer allows you to alter colors, hemlines, sleeves, necklines, or detailing so that each piece can be suited to your individual style, and all garments can be altered in house for an optimized fit. Create clothing that works for you, not for everyone else.

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