Tastes of the Traveling Trunk Show: Nashville

As many of you know, we took a mini road trip in February to visit a few wonderful cities with our traveling trunk  show of designer clothes. To make the most of our little trip, we counted on fashionable locals from each city for recommendations of where to go, what to see, and how to spend our free time. Those, mixed with some of our own personal favorites, made for a long list of destinations in each stop of the tour – so, naturally, we’re sharing it with you! Did we mention we toasted with Tennessee moonshine?

Nashville, Tenessee

Nashville was the first real part of our road trip (considering that the Boston trunk show was just a short cab ride from home base). Although we were miles away, we felt right at home the moment we stepped through the doors of Lucy Pop Salon (an obvious pick for Best Place to Get Glam). We could not have hoped for more welcoming hosts – or a more stylish crew, from their perfectly coiffed heads to the Jeffrey Campbells on their feet!

Nashville is such a great city, filled with liveliness and fashion, so we fit right in (for the most part).

Our Stylish City Guides:

Lalie Kavulich of Lucy Pop Salon and Shove It Up Your Blog: As if working at one of Nashville’s most stylish salons isn’t enough, Lalie is also the designer behind accessory line Darla the Outlaw and keeps a blog of her fashion finds and inspiration.

Carla Antonelli of Stella Shops: Carla is an “avid boutique shopper,” event manager, and one half of the duo behind Stella Shops, the ultimate guide to staying stylish in Nashville (and beyond). While locals love the site for keeping up with all the sales, events and fashionable happenings, readers everywhere can benefit from the styling tips, trend reports, beauty tutorials and more.

Heidi Jewell of Under The Guise: With a keen eye and quick lens, Heidi captures the street style, fashion and music scene that define Nashville. With her work featured in countless national publications – like Vogue, Lucky, even CNN – she’s making sure the city gets its rightful credit among the major style metropolises.

Where to Grab a Bite: 

The Pharmacy: Though my skinny jeans are crying as I type this, The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy a meal with old friends (literally.  We caught up with old friends in their Beer Garden). Not only is it an old school burger spot in Nashville (too cute), but they serve all the necessary comfort foods!  Try the sweet potato fries with their homemade dipping sauces, too.

Margot: This one was recommended for brunch, but the menu is making dinner sound exquisite right now. French and Italian cuisine in an intimate environment, with a menu that changes daily? Yes please! Plus, who doesn’t love a place with a nice, outdoor patio?

Marche: This one, also recommended for brunch, seems like the perfect place to grab a bite with the girlfriends. The European style cafe serves seasonal foods, has a pastry and espresso bar – it even has a fish, meat, and cheese market (so you can bring home the goods to try to replicate your meal), sending Marche home with the Triple Crown of dining!

Flyte: I’m not usually one to go somewhere that asks me to silence my cell phone, but the fact that they have a cell phone booth so that you can still take calls while ensuring a nice atmosphere for everyone else is just too creative and considerate to complain about! This world dining facility supports local agriculture and only serves humanely raised cuisine, providing a truly unique and enjoyable menu and atmosphere.

City House: With its open kitchen, City House gives us the opportunity to at least pretend we could actually make a decent Italian meal on our own. The extensive wine list and creative dessert cocktails makes for an exciting pairing, both during dinner and for dessert. Oh, and they have a Sunday Supper menu that changes every week – completely irresistible!

Fido and Bongo Java: Under the same brand, these two cafes bring very family friendly options to the mix. While each has its own look and menu (as do the other two cafes under the brand), they both serve 100% organic coffee and original menu items. Also, they feature comfortable and inviting atmospheres that will leave everybody wanting to come back and visit again.  Try their honey-infused lattes – they are local made and DE-LISH.

Crema: A place that boasts of its quality espressos seems ideal for cold nights when a lot of work needs to be done.

A crema creation.

Not only are the coffee and atmosphere both fantastic, but the cafe is also involved in philanthropy and sustainability – could you ever say no to getting your favorite drink and saving the world at the same time?

Where to Spend Happy Hour:

Bar 308: The tagline at Bar 308 is “A Place To Drink.” When you put it as simply as that, it really is the perfect place to spend happy hour. And they carry our friend Bailey’s local Nashville brew, Jackalope!  Oh, and they have themed nights, which wins major brownie points in the eyes of the Zoora team!

The Patterson House: Being named one of the 10 best new cocktails bars in the country is a pretty awesome thing – and they’ve only been further expanding and improving since then. The place has a speakeasy vibe (for those 1920′s fanatics like myself) and the drinks are beyond tempting. We recommend the “off-menu” drinks their mixologists concoct – Aubrie had a mint gimlet that was to DIE for!

Holland House: While I’m not one to judge a book by its cover, I was ready to cozy up to the bar at Holland House as soon as I got a glimpse of the decor; it encompasses Nashville’s signature rustic luxury from every angle. Add to that their long list of craft cocktail options, and you see why this place is irresistible.

Where to do (Major) Retail Therapy:

Posh Boutique: Well, they were definitely thinking straight when they named this boutique, because the name says it all. They carry some of our favorite brands of shoes, accessories, and apparel; not to mention,

A Posh MINT section (our favorite!)

they sells mens clothing too, meaning nobody has an excuse to miss out on this shopping experience. And to top it all off, the pictures they post on their blog make us want to hop in the car and head right back to Nashville.  Great window displays.  Large floor plan.  Great service.  Hit it up.

Local Honey: The first line of their bio, quoted from The Nashville Scene, is: “The designers represented here are all under 30, mostly female and mostly self-taught” – in other words, you’ll find original, unique pieces that you can’t get anywhere else. That must explain why it received three recommendations (yes, all three ladies pointed us in the direction of this boutique). The selections are so versatile and chic, we can’t help but scream “ZOORAPPROVED!”

Parlour Vintage: Not only does this store have a glamorous Etsy shop, but they also have a one-of-a-kind blog. Anybody can find a piece they love at this store – and the ability to shop online means that we can, too, even if we’re stuck in Boston.

Goodbuy Girls: Well, it definitely doesn’t help anybody with a major shopping addiction to visit the shop that can claim “Best Vintage Cowboy Boots in Nashville.” After all, doesn’t every girl want a perfect pair of vintage cowboy boots? Not only can you find vintage designer clothing at this boutique (they say it’s not uncommon for a Valentino to pop in!) but they also have locally made jewelry and accessories – swoon!

Billy Reid: This one is for all you men out there (or women shopping for a gift). Billy Reid has a huge selection of fine menswear, both casual and perfect for work. But don’t worry – there’s plenty for the ladies as well. The “make cornbread not war” hat is making me chuckle more than it should, and I’ve got my eye on what I consider a perfect pair of wedges. With this store everyone wins, and thanks to the convenient online shop you don’t even need to be in Nashville.

Old Made Good: It’s official: OMG just found itself yet another meaning, and this time it’s fashion related! Old Made Good’s store is another of both vintage finds and locally made goods, and the exterior shows a quaint aspect that we can’t help but adore. The inside is even better, with a rustic look that screams chic and carefully picked dresses that beg you to take them home.

H. Audrey:This high-end retailer features all of the designers we’d expect when shopping in New York, yet still stays true to the heart of Nashville. The clothing consists of both trendy pieces and pieces you’ll want to keep forever, and the photography features pieces from all eras. This shop is a gem that you cannot miss out on if you’re shopping in Nashville anytime soon.

(Lalie also took the time to tell us about Amanda Valentine and Brooke Shipley, two Nashville designers that you should be sure to check out.)

Phew! Of course we didn’t have time to visit every spot, but we did hit up a few spots and can’t wait for our next trip down!

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