Letter from the Founder: April

Founder Aubrie Pagano

Hi Zoora Community,

Rather than sporadically insert myself and my ideas into our blog and social media and frustrate my team’s communication planning (“Aubrie, were you the one who posted about Ryan Gosling and his inspiration for the Zoora pose from our Twitter?  Wasn’t a DIY post scheduled for this morning?”) …

Hey Girl, let's cuddle and watch AI highlights while you write that Founder's Letter

OK, maybe that will still happen on occasion, but this monthly “Letter from the Founder” post will at least provide a more consistent outlet for discussion on our accomplishments, challenges and what lies ahead for Zoora.

So with that intention in mind, I will quickly recap our busy March.  We have really been burning both ends of our organic, locally cultivated beeswax candle.


This month we gave our site a full facelift, creating a more dynamic homepage, video content and a more intuitive product configuration tool for easier customizations.  Our goal was to drive brand and product consistency before some of our larger press hits.  We made our internal deadline, and the press rolled in (see the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine).

Zoora's new homepage

Chirag and I spent many a late night on the phone, and I spent a lot of time in Paint (nope, I don’t have Photoshop) mocking up wireframes and specs.  So… thank you, Chirag.  You did all the hard work.


We also produced our first lookbook, thanks to Holly, our staff photographer (Gregor himself), and a slew of talented Boston heavy hitters.  I can take no credit for this lookbook; I was in NYC preparing for our big announcement (see below) and left the shooting and editing to the experts.  Magnifique.


Our March Madness fashion bracket was probably the Cinderella story of the month.  Thought up late night after a writer’s meeting, we pulled together an NCAA-inspired voting bracket in about a day, and the results were pretty surprising. At the peak of our Zoora March Madness tournament, we received over 134,000 impressions.  And that was just in one day. We were pumped; our most successful media campaign yet.  The best part?  It was all for fun!  No carrot at the end of the voting; no contest, certificates or prizes; just plain old internet entertainment.

Zoora's Spring lookbook

Considering everyone on the team except Aubrie has another full-time job or commitment and Zoora is just an after-school activity, our ragtag team has kept the office buzzing with activity.  Next month will be another nose-to-the-grindstone kind of month as well.


Mid-April we will be launching our first private label capsule collection.  HUGE DEAL.  You probably want to know what the strung-together words in that last sentence mean, if you are anything like my boyfriend.  Those words announce that we will actually be producing Zoora-branded clothing in Los Angeles and that each garment fits into a small mix-and-matcheable collection called a “capsule collection” – think your third grade time capsule made out of a Pringles can.  Small and magical.

Zoora's Capsule Collection preview sketch

The crux of the collection is that each piece will retail between $66 and $98, and every item can be customized.  That’s unheard of, you may say… well that’s right, ladies.  It is unheard of.  No one in the market is producing such highly stylized clothing that you can customize for that little (though some of our friends are doing a good job in similar areas – Quincy and BlankLabel for workwear, as well as Made to Fit Me and United Styles).  We are truly providing luxury, typically relegated to upscale bespoke showrooms, to anyone.

I am most excited about forcing the question “If you had to decide between ready to wear and custom, which would you choose?”  Our prices are now on-par with most retail ready-to-wear outfits, so women really don’t have to settle for clothing unless it is right for them.  My gut tells me you are going to love this.

We will host an exclusive pre-sale event at the Liberty Hotel on April 12th, so let us know you’re coming to show some love.  We also have some other goodies up our sleeve to help you prepare for summer and the best season of all: the wedding season.

Until May Flowers,

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About zoorallc

Zoora makes finding your perfect wardrobe easy by providing access to the hottest emerging designers offering personalized clothing. Pick a little black dress and lengthen the hemline to flatter your shape. Find a great business trench and add a hood for the rain. Each designer allows you to alter colors, hemlines, sleeves, necklines, or detailing so that each piece can be suited to your individual style, and all garments can be altered in house for an optimized fit. Create clothing that works for you, not for everyone else.

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