July Staff Favorites: Staycation Fever

If you’re anything like us, you’ve come to realize that sometimes a good weekend at home is much better than any vacation–and a whole lot cheaper! Whether it’s a girls weekend in, an adventure through the depths of your home town, or a sweat pants, movies, and Ben & Jerry’s weekend with your significant other, staycations are the perfect way to relax while still feeling the comfort of your own home. The Zoora team is sharing their perfect staycation plans paired, of course, with the most stylish of outfits!

Fireworks in Humarock, MA.

Aubrie: “To me, the ideal staycation is at my beach house in Humarock. Everybody knows that the beach is the perfect place to relax, as a founder I can use to unwind away from the city. On the Fourth of July in particular, when we can sit around and enjoy fireworks, the house is a great place to be. I’ll be sure to take along my Zoora Sparkler Dress–what better way to view a fireworks display than wearing a fireworks-printed dress!?”

Holly: “When I don’t have the time (or money) to actually get away, it’s fun to play the tourist and visit local museums, the zoo, or – my favorite – the aquarium. With its aquatic hue and airy design, Selahdor’s Silk Gauze Circle Skirt would be perfect attire for a date with the leafy sea dragons and rockhopper penguins – like channeling a jellyfish!”

Jen: “The stay-cation I am in the mood for this year is a day that allows me to explore Boston end-to-end!  I have been in Boston a full year now and am embarrassed to say that I know very little about the city,

Selahdor’s Silk Gauze Circle Skirt

but this nothing that a good stay-cation can’t fix!  Why go too far from home when there is so much to explore and see in my backyard?! To get me in the mood to stroll along new streets, stumble upon new shops, and of course try new dessert spots (no staycation is complete without indulging my sweet tooth to the fullest!), I will don the LHC Couture Isabelle Dress.  To really do a staycation well, I have to be in the right frame of mind, and this cheery, colorful dress definitely makes me feel like my day will be upbeat and fun! “

Matt: “The ultimate staycation in my book is definitely to throw a block party in your neighborhood or simply with a group of friends.  It can be super fun and doesn’t require much thought or effort other than some food and music.  Have it outside at night or during the day, in the street, on a patio or deck, or even in an apartment.  The idea is really just to have relaxed fun with a large group of friends and family.  I think that the Lily & Migs Pleated Wrap Dress is absolutely perfect for an event like this as it’s on casual side as far as dresses go, yet still exudes a proper elegance that appeals to all.  The sleeves make it appropriate for all ages as well as for nighttime-wear if it gets a bit cooler out, and the low v-neck design provides added poise.  Happy staycationing and don’t forget to cook some amazing food (that’s the best part!).”

Lily & Migs Pleated Wrap Dress

Kelly: “Living right outside of DC, a staycation for me has always meant running around the city I so often take for granted. My friends and I love to visit the monuments, despite the fact that we’ve seen them a million times, cool off in museums, ride the Metro to unexpected places, and end our day in Georgetown with cupcakes and retail therapy! It’s such a great thing to have the nations capital right at my doorstep and have the ability to explore new things in DC each time I visit. Plus, the pandas at the zoo are adorable! The Adolfo Sanchez Suele Pants are prefect for this adventure–super stylish but comfy enough to spend all run battling the tourists.”

It doesn’t matter if you tend to favor ordering in or running around the city. That’s the greatest thing about staycations: they’re for everybody, they can be taken at any time, and there are absolutely no rules! You can do whatever you’d like–just make sure you look fabulous while doing so!

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