July Founder’s Letter

Zoora Community,

Thanks for sticking with us on this roller-coaster since we last talked in April.  Much has seemed to happen over the course of the past 60 days and I would like to stop (for only a brief moment because I am BIZ-AE) and revel at how far we have come.One of the biggest Zoora news stories is that we were accepted into the MassChallenge accelerator as a finalist this summer! Being part of such an impressive group of up-and-coming companies has already proven to be very inspiring; representing a fashion brand that focuses on female consumers in this mix has been doubly rewarding.

The energy is boundless at Mass Challenge, so this is certainly a great fit for Zoora.  We have already listened to speakers such as Paul English from Kayak, Colin Angle from i-Robot, and Noam Wasserman from Harvard Business School – all with unique perspectives on how to succeed as a founder.  Plus, you just can’t beat coming to work every day to the 14th floor with floor-to-ceiling windows and views of the Boston Harbor.

Zoora has also been featured in some heavy-hitting publications, including Teen Vogue, Pure Wow, Racked National (twice!), and Boston Magazine.  Press hits like these are the kinds of things that validate our market assumptions, and help buoy our confidence that we are on the right track to reaching more target customers.  [Teen Vogue, Pure Wow, Racked National 1st, Racked National 2nd, Racked National 3rd, Boston Magazine]

We also have been thinking a lot about the future of Zoora.  We have been operating for five months now, with over 30,000 visitors to our site and hundreds of data points both proving and disproving our hypotheses.  As a true lean start-up, we are continuing to evolve our business to ensure we are meeting customer expectations while riding the crest of fashion innovation.

As we’ve learned from you, the concept of being able to use technology to influence the design of your fashion is actually a very newconcept that is still unfolding.  With this in mind, along with the idea that as an early participant in this new fashion 2.0 wave we can have a large impact, we have decided that if we are going to go for the big idea, we should really go for it!

What do I mean?  Well, this summer we are working hard to re-work our product offering to a full range of fashionable choices that allow you to really have a hand in your own design.  As we look forward, expect to see major announcements, fresh product, new content, and many other fun surprises as we head into fall.

In the meantime, please bear with us through a bit of a “mid-summer slumber” in our normal communications.  During this time we will be fast and furiously preparing for all of the activity that we have planned for our “re-launch” in the Fall!

At this juncture I just wanted to say it again… we are so grateful for your support to date, and are excited to unveil all that we have in store for you as we continue to build the future of fashion.



About zoorallc

Zoora makes finding your perfect wardrobe easy by providing access to the hottest emerging designers offering personalized clothing. Pick a little black dress and lengthen the hemline to flatter your shape. Find a great business trench and add a hood for the rain. Each designer allows you to alter colors, hemlines, sleeves, necklines, or detailing so that each piece can be suited to your individual style, and all garments can be altered in house for an optimized fit. Create clothing that works for you, not for everyone else.

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